About Us

Gallery Four is a contemporary art space located in the heart of downtown Baltimore. A live/work exhibition space housed in an old industrial building, Gallery Four is one of the first artist run spaces in Baltimore to use a refined museum-like approach to their exhibitions. Focused on creativity rather than commerce, Gallery Four encourages artists to create large-scale works and installations that are often not feasible in smaller commercial galleries. Works are frequently created or refined in the gallery, which allows artists to directly respond to each other’s ideas. Featuring artists from all over the U.S. and the world, Gallery Four aspires to connect artists to Baltimore and Baltimore to the larger world of contemporary art, thereby encouraging a global art community.

Gallery Four maintains six live/work artist studio spaces that surround the central gallery. The artists-in-residence at Gallery Four possess complimentary skills and collaborate to develop programming and manage exhibition logistics. The artists-in-residence at Gallery Four are:

Gallery Four was founded in 2000 by Dustin Carlson and Jason Hughes. The gallery quickly gained attention by exhibiting ground breaking artists such as Chul Hyun Ahn, Matt Johnson, and Dan Steinhilber. In 2002 Gallery Four was recognized as “Best Proof of Contemporary Art Life” by the Baltimore City Paper and was featured several times in the Washington Post. Jason Hughes left Gallery Four in 2007 to pursue personal endeavors, and the gallery underwent major renovations. In 2009 Gallery four was recognized as “Best Art Gallery,” by Baltimore City Paper and applauded Dustin Carlson and Eddie Winter for their exceptional curatorial work. Gallery Four is currently working to incorporate as a non-profit organization, which will help realize our greatest potential and better serve the community.

Gallery Four, Baltimore | 405 W. FRANKLIN ST. 4TH FLOOR | BALTIMORE, MD 21201