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August 2010

John Chiara's 'Echo Lake': Portrait of the artist as an old landscape

By Jessica Dawson
BALTIMORE -- For someone like me -- someone juiced by art rich with paradox, psychic turbulence and, of course, feminist anything -- art about art is a tough sell.

With this bias in mind, it's unlikely I'd latch onto the work of John Chiara, let alone with such a firm hold. His photographs are as much about the history of his chosen medium as anything else. But the San Francisco-based Chiara -- the centerpiece of a smart group show, "You & Me Living Today/Vol. 2/The Land" at Gallery Four -- transcends references to photographic process and history, creating work that's substantial as well as beautiful... read more

March 2010

Art Conquers Snow

Just as Baltimore’s streets became passable in the aftermath of Snowmageddon, gallerists at the H&H Building threw open their doors with a suite of provocative works.

The most cohesive and sophisticated presentation was Gallery Four’s Terms of Use, a four-person show that combines photographs by Norwegian Mats Sivertsen with sculpture by Chicago’s David Moré and MICA graduate students Colin Benjamin and Benjamin Kelley. The show was curated collectively by the artists who live and work in the space, including my BMA colleague Eddie Winter, a photographer... read more

February 2010

Three H&H Openings

Last Friday, Nudashank, Whole Gallery and Gallery Four exhibited three simultaneous shows for another collaborative opening at the H and H building. The night proved to be a fantastic collection of art and people and is such an exciting indicator for the burgeoning Baltimore gallery more

February 2010

Dubious Identity and the Narrative Theater of Sculpture

I like to think about sculpture as a type of narrative theater. It uses the pedestal or the gallery space as a stage and presents itself as a possible reality. As the viewers, we suspend our disbelief like we would in the movies, and the work shows us a new world. In Terms of Use at Gallery Four, Colin Benjamin develops his a cast of almost-familiar objects... read more

December 2009

The Year in Art. #4 Protocol: Syntax/Semantics (Gallery Four)

The oft art blog-quoted press release for this Artscape satellite-qua-H&HScape exhibition threatened something about its four artists who "compile objects from material culture to invent a stunning new vernacular, which sometimes compliments and also contradicts their original meaning." No idea why that retreat to such straitjacketed language when Shaun Flynn, Brian Randolph, Hadieh Shafie, and Dan Steinhilber are, quite simply, witty visual more

September 2009

Best Art Gallery: Gallery Four

Gallery Four and its gallery-running residents possess an unwavering devotion to professionalism. Each member contributes an applicable skill, be it web design, screen printing, or curatorial ideas, making Gallery Four a unique machine of enthusiastic roommates with collegial more

July 2009

H&Hscape July 11 from 8:30 - 11 p.m.

3 galleries join forces with BOPA to present a 19,000 sq ft visual art event July 11th, 2009, Baltimore, MD. Gallery Four, Nudashank, and Whole Gallery, three galleries; founded, forged, and funded, by artists living Arts) to expose the largely unaware regional community to the pulse of Baltimore’s thriving underground H&H Arts more

July 2009

Orbiting Artscape

Mayor Sheila Dixon slyly made an interesting announcement right before naming the Baltimore Development Co-operative as the recipient of the 2009 Janet and Walter Sondheim Prize Saturday night at the Baltimore Museum of Art. Before a sizable crowd sitting in the BMA's auditorium, Mayor Dixon had a captive, receptive audience to announce that Baltimore is a recipient of a $250,000 National more

May 2009

Gallery Four: RECTIFIED

Dustin Carlson, cofounder of Gallery Four (one of the first of the more recent high quality artist run warehouse/galleries) introduced RECTIFIED as an exploration of imagery in relationship to the manufactured world of today. The artists’ works spoke to themes relating to war, iconic American objects, body language, and to relationships between home and more

Gallery Four, Baltimore | 405 W. FRANKLIN ST. 4TH FLOOR | BALTIMORE, MD 21201